Tinker Tone Records is proud to present Volk – The Tinker Tone Demos.

In January and February 2019 we were lucky enough to lure Nashville rock duo Volk into the depths of Tinker Tone Studios to record a handful of songs on our Otari half-inch reel to reel tape machine. Over the course of three days we recorded several tracks with no real plan, just making noise for kicks. We filled two reels with some of the most ingenious, gut-punching and exciting music I’ve ever heard. Raw and unfiltered. 

But what would become of the tapes? Volk is signed with our good friends over at Romanus Records and we didn’t expect to put out anything we recorded. It was just for fun. So imagine our surprise when we were given the green light to release two tracks from those sessions! Well the day has come and we here at Tinker Tone couldn’t be more excited or grateful. 

“Flowers on the Wall” finds Volk’s Eleot Reich slinking her way through the Statler Brothers cover, reworking the pace and phrasing in new and inventive ways. Christopher Lowe’s guitar is ever-present, creeping in the background and pouncing at all the right times. 

“Yorkshire Girl”, a Volk original, features Lowe’s confident guitar and growling vocals over a percolating backbeat as he tries to win the hand of the titular character. Reich playfully gives him a hand with encouraging vocal asides, a true partner in crime. Part rockabilly, part Nashville honky tonk, all Volk! 

Available in standard black and limited gold vinyl, you won’t find these recordings anywhere else! Grab your copy at Hard Copies in Owensboro, KY or from our website (www.tinkertone.com) on Black Friday Record Store Day 2019!