Tinker Tone Records is proud to present the very first vinyl release from Canadian wunderkind Taylor Abrahamse!

Taylor’s music has been on our radar around 10 years, since the early wild west days of YouTube. He writes and records with the energy and commitment of a man possessed. With hundreds of original tunes in his repertoire, his output is truly unlike any we’ve ever heard. At one moment bouncing off the walls bonkers and the next achingly insightful. He is a guitar virtuoso with an incredibly unique, instantly recognizable voice. 

In fact, Taylor is also an accomplished voiceover artist. He has voiced many roles, including the lead characters in YTV’s “The Stanley Dynamic” and Disney’s “Fangbone” (for which he also wrote the theme song). Universal Kids recently announced they have picked up “Norman Picklestripes”, another show featuring Taylor as part of its cast. On and on. The guy stays busy, what can we say? 

It was tough deciding which songs from his massive back catalog to release on a tiny 7-inch record. I mean, he once released a massive 60-track demo compilation of original songs with the understated title “Here’s Some Songs”. And since that was our introduction to Taylor as a songwriter, we decided to pull three tracks from that release (“Good Things Come”, “Uphill” and “Lady Music”). We also pulled a track (“Everything Wants To Rhyme”) from a collection of songs only before available on a mysterious self-burned CD left around York University campus in Toronto as part of the “Hyphenates” collective. All four of these tracks have been newly-remastered and are available here for the first time on vinyl. 

Taylor’s music has meant a lot to us over the years. He was very nearly our first release back in 2016 but the fates intervened. Well, the stars have finally aligned and it is sincerely our honor to have him and these tracks on a Tinker Tone release. 

Presented on standard black (limited to 150 copies) and Bright Side Yellow (limited to only 50 copies), these will go fast. As you know, Tinker Tone is committed to never repressing any of our releases so when these are gone they’re gone. Don’t miss it! 


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And in-person from Taylor Abrahamse himself!